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About Us

Who We Are

Integrity Audio Visual & Productions focuses on building honest and lasting relationships with our clients and is committed to providing outstanding customer service.  We want to offer a refreshing approach to the often frustrating task of dealing with "in-house" audio visual companies.  Our goal is to understand the purpose of the event, technical requirements and offer creative yet cost effective solutions to make every event successful. 

Integrity Audio Visual & Productions is a privately owned company, owned by an industry veteran with over twenty-five years in the audio visual and production world.  Having worked for world reknowned businesses such as Walt Disney World, JW Marriott, The Ritz Carlton and Swank Audio Visuals.

We answer only to you, our clients!

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Why Integrity Audio Visual & Productions?

Your trusted technical partner


Professional Approach

We work closely with our clients to understand all event details and concerns and provide options to achieve desired results.   We provide professional equipment and expertly trained technicians to deliver seamless execution.


Personalized Attention

The success of your event is our number one priority. You need a technical partner that will deliver extraordinary results each and every time, regardless of event size or budget.


Realistic Pricing

Pricing should not vary from venue to venue or city to city.  We do not have tier pricing depending on location or size of event.  We value all clients and always strive to provide the highest quality of service regardless of budget.

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Client Feedback

"Our AV went off without a hitch, and with 15 speakers and a national-caliber trumpet performance, plus a slide show, all in 90 minutes, that is saying something! Joel Hydrick was wonderful to work with and found great solutions for our evolving technical needs."

"Thank you very much for all your work last night and the collaboration with your staff to make the event run so smoothly.   Your gentle spirit and compassion with all of our speakers, moderators, choir and anyone who at one point in the evening held a mic was reassuring and greatly helped reduce our stress level!    Thank you for being all of that as well as being the AV professional that we needed!"

"Happy New Year to you too, Joel!  If I am involved with any events this year I will absolutely give your name.  I really appreciate your help on events last year.  You do a wonderful job."

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About us

Integrity Audio Visual & Productions was founded in 2014,  but we have been in the AV industry for over 25 years.   The company was founded to provide clients the personalized attention they deserve and fair pricing.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Payment is made upon conclusion of the event via major credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer (Zelle, etc).

Why is "in-house" AV so expensive?

Most "in-house" AV departments are actual third party vendors that have a contractual agreement with the hotel or venue to provide a commission.  Within the past few years, there has also been a major shift in the competition availability of third party vendors as most have been merged (purchased) by a major financial investment firm and joined into one massive company.  What this means to both venue clients and to the venues themselves is there is no consideration for competition and the development of a like it or leave it mentality.

Are we able to use your services at the venue we have selected even though they have an "in-house" av company

The answer is mostly yes!  A lot of venues have now implemented penalties for using your preferred AV provider in the form of a "AV liaison" fee.   Many times a client can negotiate this clause out of the venue contract prior to signing.  Most venues are more interested in making sure they capture your business as opposed to losing it over AV.  If the venue is less receptive to this, suggest, as an alternative, a "right to bid" from the in-house company. 

We have worked in many of the major hotel chains in the Dallas and surrounding areas and have the required General Liability coverage to provide third party services on their property.

What if I have technical issues with equipment and no one is around?

Unless you specify otherwise, every event that Integrity Audio Visual & Productions services will have at least one on-site technician on site dedicated to your event.  We understand that there is nothing worse than having to wait for technical assistance should something happen.  As public speaking/presenting tends to be one of the biggest fears people have, we want to make sure that trying to figure out technical issues is the last thing you need to worry about.

We have a tight budget and cannot afford all the bells and whistles

We understand this concern and work hand in hand with our clients to determine what the working budget is and offer creative solutions to achieving the desired results without breaking the bank.  Many of our repeat clients are non-profit and charity events.

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